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Refollow Facebook

With the term “social networking” cropping up in quantity, and with the expanse of users currently on Facebook, it has become difficult to “friend” someone whom you would actually qualify as a friend. Call it Circles, Degrees, Groups, or Types, we all have a variation of friend-levels or networks with which we are connected. What’s the best way to differentiate and keep track of these different connections?

Introducing Refollow for Facebook, a Facebook relationship manager developed by Originate.

RefollowFB is a powerful tool designed to help Facebook users discover new people and content that matches their profile and interests, and additionally it gives users a better way to manage and view their current Facebook connections. Making extensive use of labeling and filters for displaying friends, the interface is intuitive, organized, and simple to learn. Within RefollowFB, users can quickly view information about specific connections, explore public profiles, filter out irrelevant data, sort friends by network type, and message Facebook friends or post directly from their RefollowFB page. Overall, RefollowFB makes your search more powerful and targeted, by allowing users to discover new people, organizations, communities, and brands that align with their interests. Best of all, it’s a free app, so new users can jump in to test it out, without any obligation.

RefollowFB is not only for the casual Facebook user, but will also be used by PR agencies who want to better understand their client’s followers, and by brands who want to gain introspection into their consumer groups. In monitoring this data, RefollowFB creates opportunities for deeper analytics and usage pattern analysis, helping create more powerful connections with followers or fans.

While the application is currently stand-alone, Originate plans to integrate RefollowFB into Facebook so users can access this level of friendship management in or outside of their Facebook page.

Refollow for Facebook has a companion product, Refollow for Twitter that has been successfully helping individuals and brands manage their Twitter relationships since 2009.