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Refollow Service Restored

First off, I want to personally apologize for the loss of Refollow service on May 7th and 8th and any difficulty or issues this unexpected lapse in service may have caused you.  As an extension of our apology, we’re giving all of our paid users an additional week of service for free. 

More importantly, I want to sincerely to thank you for sticking with us through this snafu.

The information below is a brief explanation of what happened and the overall impact.  Please feel free to contact us at or @refollow with any questions, needs, comments or concerns.  If the issue is specific to your account, please email us.

·         Refollow’s servers went down at approximately 12pm PST on May 7th and service was restored on May 8th

·         We believe this was caused by Amazon making a change to our servers without notifying us (retiring our EC2 instance earlier than scheduled) 

·         No personal or payment data was compromised when this happened

·         No payment information was lost and no payments were duplicated

·         When we re-deployed Refollow, we imported all data from our last backup on May 2nd

·         No data in Twitter was lost, as actions taken in Refollow update to Twitter instantly

·         Tracking of follows, unfollows, or locked users done in Refollow between May 2nd and May 8th was lost; as a result, the sort and filter functions may be slightly inconsistent

Mainly, I want to clarify that zero personal or payment data was compromised or lost from any of your accounts.  

I sincerely appreciate your continued membership, and hope this clears up any questions or concerns.

 Thank you,

Brady Dehn