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New subscription plans

Well, we did our best to keep as much of Refollow free as we could based on Twitter’s new limits on us. The only way we would be able to offer everyone all the follow and unfollow requests they would like and still stay within Twitter’s limits would be to buy a huge amount of servers to distribute the requests. But unfortunately we don’t have piles of money lying around here, so we have to pass on a little of that cost to you! 

Here’s what the new subscription plans look like (you can get here by clicking “My Account” after you sign into Refollow):

Free: No follows or unfollows included
Pro: $20.00/mo. - Unlimited use for 1 account (Note: subject to all limitations and policies imposed by Twitter for your account) 
Business: $50.00/mo. - Unlimited use for 5 accounts 
Enterprise: $150.00/mo. - Unlimited use for 20 accounts 
Non-profit: Free - Unlimited use for 1 account (requires verification of 503C Form) 

To get you started, you’ll get 10 free follow and 10 free unfollow requests after your first time logging into Refollow. And for a limited time, if you help us spread the word, we will give you 10 more follows and unfollows each day! Just follow and , and then send out a Tweet from Refollow mentioning @refollow and we’ll give you some more requests to play with. Obviously it would be much easier for you to just come up with $5/mo. to help support us and save yourself the time (your time is valuable!)

Feel free to send us any suggestions, complaints, compliments, or brilliant ideas… You can email us at Happy Refollowing!