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A few answers to your many great questions

Q. Can I cancel my subscription at any time, or do you lock me in for life?

A. Of course you can cancel at any time. The billing is done every 30 days. So you will automatically be billed by Paypal at the beginning of each period for whole 30 days. If you cancel, you’ll still get access for the rest of that time you already paid for, but you won’t be charged for the next month (or ever again). If you cancel right away because you think we suck, then just email us at and we’ll give you your money back. We want you to be happy and get value! P.S. Disputing the credit card charge in that case is fully unnecessary :)

Q. I have 1000 Twitter accounts and want to pay you way less than everyone else and get more than everyone else. Want to make a deal?

A. You’re awesome and we’re impressed by your ability to manage so many accounts! But our other subscribers are also awesome and that wouldn’t be fair to them. So check out our enterprise subscription. You can manage 20 accounts at any time, and you can swap out those accounts each day. So if you have 140 accounts that each want to use Refollow for 1 day each week, well, you do the math…

Q. Something isn’t working for me. WTF?

A. Our brilliant Refollow support team is dying to help you! Given that they’re human and sometimes sleep at night, you might not get a response back within 5 minutes at 3am (we’re in California). But you never know! Just email your problems, suggestions, compliments, and stories to

Thanks and enjoy!